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Gus - Andee/Koko2 2/11/12


I could not let Gus’s 1st birthday pass, without thanking you and Jamie for the life changing gift of Gus! Mike and I have enjoyed every minute of raising our little Gus (even the several pairs of "lost" leather loafers). Never in our lives did we expect to fall THIS much in love THIS fast! We find joy in giving him the most loving home (crazy spoiled, daily walks at local parks/schools, toys galore) but that all pales in comparison to what we get in return- unconditional love, companionship, kisses, cuddling ,a non judgmental ear when Mike is practicing, and permanent "date nights!" We often look at each other on a weekend night and say, "Let’s just hang in tonight with little man!" He has changed our lives and we will forever be indebted to you for the loving, quality breeding program that afforded us this amazing journey!
I am so thankful our paths crossed and look forward to being a Waltzing Matilda family member for life!
Fondly, Howard - Owings Mills, MD

Nicholas - Hazel/Mousse 10/23/11

Hi Michelle,

Nicholas is a perfect dream come true. He is divinely happy as we are. He has a wonderful life living in the country. We have installed an invisible fence so he has the run of the the four acres. He also loves the city where he stays at times with a dog sitter who has a bull dog named Hank . They  have become best friends. Several city people have asked for the name of his breeder so the Waltzing Matilda name has gotten around.  Nicholas remains the divine chocolate color with hazel eyes. He is incredibly sweet, loving people as well as other dogs. The doggie care place where he goes at times  says he is by far the sweetest dog they have ever had. He can also be most macho depending on the circumstances. Anyway, Michelle, your are a genius at  picking out the right dog for each family.. I also think the environment at your home  with people, children and a constant flow of guests makes those dogs from birth very flexible and open to new situations. He also loves  men thanks to the caring of your dear husband when they are first born. In my book you are a winner in every way and are making so many families so very happy.

 Thanks mucho, mucho. Eileen

Teddy - Andee/Koko2 2/11/12


We feel so blessed to have come across your name and to find the perfect dog for our family. It is very clear that you put lots of love and effort into raising quality puppies and dogs. Teddy bear is the most people loving and gentle dog I have ever had. He is incredibly smart and that makes him real easy to train. Our family is so in love with teddy and we feel so grateful to have him in our lives. You worked so closely with me and matched us up with the most perfect dog in the world!

Thank you soooo very much!!

The Kasun Family
Leesburg, VA

Rigby - Ruby/Toby 8/12/12

Since today is Rigby's 1st birthday, we thought it would be a good time for an update!  Rigby is as happy-go-lucky as ever and continues to draw admirers for being the most adorable, beautiful dog. She's grown bigger than we expected- weighing in at a lean 58 pounds at her checkup at the vet today! We've discovered that this is the perfect size for us- she's like a little, cuter Lab that doesn't shed!  She's the picture of good doggie health according to her vet. 

She also has recently been getting many compliments for being so well behaved, especially for her age. She's still a maniac sometimes, but can put on a good show and fool people into thinking she's a model of good doggie behavior. We've kept up with training classes and will do some more in the next year. She's great with little kids- if still a little rough and tumble- and adults alike. And she loves playing with all other dogs- big and small. She's become an avid hiker and loves the trails in Rock Creek Park by our house. She's also learned to swim this summer and has come to love the ocean and streams. She's still not so sure about actual swimming but she loves to wade and cool off in the water and chase sea birds.  And of course she's still the best cuddler around. 
Sarah, Jon, and Rigby- the cutest pup around 

Sam - Hazel/Dutch 2/11/13

Hi Michelle! Just wanted to give you a little update on the little guy - he had a great first day/night - he was quite tired yesterday and took periodic naps throughout the day (in his crate, in the grass, under a cabinet, on top of the computer keyboard as we were skyping with his grandma and grandpa (my parents)...he's such a little lover. He only woke up once during the night to cry, but quieted down after a couple minutes. Doing great with potty training - no accidents in the house yet, and as soon as we take him out and put him in the grass, he goes. Gus (his new brother) is doing a lot of cautious observations, but keeping his distance. Sam is sniffing him but I think he's looking to nurse and gets confused when he realizes there's nothing there! PJ works from home on Mondays and Fridays, and he called me to tell me that Gus was allowing Sam to lie on his tail after I left for work this steps!! 

​PJ & Nick Brennan

Lily - Hazel/Dutch 2/11/13

Hi Michelle!!

Just wanted to let you know we went to Cherry Blossom festival yesterday and did some major marketing for you ;-) she was a celebrity!! Attracted CROWDS of people!! So if anyone says they saw a pup at Cherry Blossoms, and heard about you, it was little Lily who did all the work!! In addition we actually DID become local celebrities as we were interviewed by a news crew from WDCA (channel 3 on Comcast) while we were down there that will be aired Friday morning at 730!! 

I know you like to see pics of all your babies, so I thought I would share this one of Ella and Lily. So far, Lily is 100% crate/potty trained and can sit, shake, lay down, stay, and roll-over (all in German!)

Thank you for bringing more joy into our home :) Cameo, Alex, baby Ella & Lily

Willow - Lexi/Jaden 3/14/13

HI Michelle!

​Willow has gone through puppy class and we are now in Level 2. She is very smart and loves to learn. We are trying to teach her polite greeting and give her lots of chew toys for teething-- those teeth are sharp! She is still not loving her crate but has gotten used to it during the day and is growing into a wonderful dog. I have attached some pictures for you. :)

Thanks again. We love our Willow! (even when she is naughty! ;)
 Katie & Chris

Linton - Ruby/Digger 3/27/13

Hello Michelle, Hope you are doing well ! Just wanted to give you some news on Linton. I have attached some pictures of him since he is with us. He is so cute and we love him so much. He is getting bigger, he is now about 22 pounds. He is the most adorable and sweet little guy, the perfect dog! I can count on one hand the number of accidents he had in the house since we have him! You trained him so well. He is very intelligent and knows many things already, for example he rings the bell to pee. He finished his kindergarden classes and we are starting the obedience classes next week. He is super good with other dogs and love everybody ! As soon as he see sometone he want to go see him, kids and adults. He loves to run in our backyard and go catch balls. So just wanted to give you little update. Linton is a little ball of joy and make us so happy !!!!!!!! 

​Mélissa & Pierre-Luc
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