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​Waltzing Matilda's Labradoodles

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Sedona...  Eva/Cosmo
Hi Michelle!  We love Sedona so much!  He is used to his leash now and we can take him for long walks. He walks nicely on the leash. He really is awesome, and such a good boy.  He likes being outside so much that he fights coming inside.  He has gotten so much bigger. He is eating much better and doing really well with potty training...  Really not having accidents.  If he needs to go indoors he uses the puppy potty, but he goes outside most of the time.  He is such an awesome puppy.  He now weighs over 10 lbs.  He still looks like a stuffed animal... he is just that cute.  I want to keep him small for a while so I can carry him around and he just loves it! We are able to take him almost everywhere we go since he can be held. We love him so much. He is such a sweet heart and loves to be held like a baby:)  He really enjoys playing with our grand dog. We love him so much!! Thanks for giving us the perfect new family member! 
​The Wagners - Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Cooper - Eva/Cosmo

Dear Michelle and Gang! I was so happy to receive your Christmas card last month! I have been super busy playing and sleeping, and I'm just finally getting to write you! I really wanted to let you know how I've been doing. So far - I love my new home. Mommy and Daddy are super nice. They always tell me how handsome I am, how proud they are of me, and how much they love me. They even set up play dates for me :-) My favorite play dates are with my girlfriend, Kona. She's an 11 month old Cockapoo, and just super cute. We have so much fun playing together. We chase each other and even share our toys.  I have another best friend, Westley. He is so much fun. We are getting really good at playing tug-o-war! He's a little bigger than me now, but not for long!!
Right now, I weigh about 22 pounds. I've been gaining about a pound and a half a week. Mommy and Daddy are still feeding me 3 times a day, and I love eating!! They've also taught me a few tricks - I’m really smart. I can "sit", "shake", lay down", "leave it," and "high five!" I’m also getting really  good at using the bells on the back door. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me (probably because they've been working so hard at it). I feel like I'm almost potty trained, but every kid is still going to have an accident now and then. I'm just so glad that Mommy and Daddy don't get mad at me for it. (I'm a cheater, though. I just give them that cute little look of mine - then there's no chance they can get mad!) All 3 of us are excited to get me enrolled in some puppy classes! They should be starting soon.
Not only am I smart, but I've also been told how much of a stud I am, whatever that means! All the people in the vet's office think I’m so handsome, a real looker! It helps that I'm always on my best
behavior there, too. And our neighbors just love me. They always come over to say hi when we're outside. I pretty much stop traffic on our street, too. Everyone just loves to stop and pet me. I'm such a ham!! The one who REALLY loves to play with me, though, is my Grandpa. He comes to see me a lot, and I'm always SO happy to see him - my tail starts wagging soooo fast.
I also got to experience my first Christmas - and my first snow!! I LOVE THE SNOW!! It's so fun to jump around in, and especially to eat! Daddy had to dig me out a spot to go potty in, bc the snow was all the way up to my belly!! And Christmas - oh what fun! I got sooo many new TOYS :-) 
I hope you are all doing well, and trying to stay warm. I will tell Mommy and Daddy to send some new pictures soon so you can see how big I am getting! I hope you enjoy these ones! Woof woof! Cooper - Havertown, PA 
Riley...  Eva/Cosmo
We wanted to thank you very much for bringing Riley into our lives. She is an amazing puppy. She has been a wonderful addition to our family of 3 dogs and 4 boys. Her personality is everything that you talk about on your web site. She is sweet, gentle, calm, very smart and is so adorable she looks just like a stuffed animal. Did I forget to mention she doesn't shed! She loves to cuddle and gives kisses. We love the way she tilts her head and sits at her bowl when she wants to be feed. She has bonded wonderfully to Noah who has some special needs, and they have become very attached. Riley is providing the comfort and confidence that we thought this breed would provide him. Seeing them together is priceless. She has been sleeping in his room at night and from the very first night has slept through the night. Amazing! Her housetraining has been going great and she already knows how to sit and come when called. Everyone fights over spending time with her because she is so lovable. We also wanted to add that our veterinarian has been very impressed with her as well and has asked us for your web site so he can recommend you to his clients. Since he obviously sees many dogs, that is a major compliment.  Thank you again for our wonderful Riley.  Robin, Howard, Noah, Evan, Jeff and Josh
Frisco...  Goldie/Seeker
 Hi Michelle!  In the back of your mind you have probably wondered about Frisco.  You selected the perfect dog for us.  He is so smart and cuddly.  He loves lots of attention, and learns so quickly.  I have not formally had him trained.  I took him to be evaluated for a class this summer, and he is at intermediate.  He found his voice early, and is noisy at times.  He has such a high pitched bark when he is excited that it hurts people's ears!  He barks in the car on rides, so we will work on that this summer.  There are lots of friends for Frisco in the neighborhood, and he gets to play often.  He likes to go to bed on the early side and is cranky when he's tired.  When he gets up in the morning he is revived and ready to go.  we have gotten compliments on him since the beginning.  His fur is like cotton.  He is such a good looking dog and has an amazing coat.  He is so soft.  He is so well behaved, and people are surprised at how young he is.  He has behaved and listened well from the beginning.  He learned to sit and wait until we tell him it's ok to eat.  It only took 2 times until he got it and he has never tried to eat until he knows its ok.  We really appreciate your holiday card and keeping in touch.  I hope all is well and you enjoy the summer!

The Krum Family - Meadowbrook, PA

Walter...  Hazel/Choco
Hi Michelle,
We wanted to give you an update on Mr. Walter, Wally, Walt, Walter-boy, Muffin Man, Walter the Bear. He is about 35 lbs and growing very well.  He has one week of socialization & basic obedience training left.  The instructor said he will graduate with flying colors, we are very proud of him :) Next will be big boy obedience class where we'll be able to get our recalls down. Right now, the world is too fun and big a place to worry about coming when we call him. He has much less "off leash" time and we bring many more treats on our walks. 
Walter LOVES the water. Our walks take us by a hose where we stop to drink and fill up his travel water bowl.  Then it's off to the tennis courts to look for balls and run around to shorten the claws a bit :) then he drinks a bunch of water, then we go to the outdoor pool, with outdoor showers.  Walter likes it when at least 3 of the showers are on so he run through them all.  We think that's a bit wasteful, but every once in a while we treat him to a multi-shower experience. then we walk around until he tells us it's time to go home and get some salmon snacks.  He is very loving and has lost 3 teeth. We are still feeding him Acana, every-once-in-a-while, we add some raw food (from organic pet store) for an added treat, he really seems to like that.  Everyone still compliments his temperament and general happy nature.  Kate and I are madly in love with him and his antics. Thank you for bringing Walter into our lives. Tara Walker - Ashburn, VA

Brinkley (formerly Seamus) began his journey with the Murphy's. Unfortunately, due to serious health issues in the family, they were not able to provide the care they wanted for Seamus. We took Seamus back right away and placed him with his new forever family. As you can see from the photo, he has a great home and an amazing family that loves him to pieces. He is a very happy boy. Click here to read the very nice letter I received from the Murphy's regarding Seamus.

Brinkley...  Hazel/Mousse

We are doing well and are loving Brinkley to pieces.  He has been so easy and fits right in to our family. He is my shadow and is very protective.  It's so sweet. He loves to lay on my lap for tummy rubs.  David says that you can barely see me under him.  He is 30lbs now. By the way, people go crazy when they see Brinkley and want to know where he is from and we have been singing your praises.  Your ears should be ringing! 
​The Oestreicher Family - Towson, MD

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