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Waltzing Matilda's Waggin' Wellesandra  

"Wellsie" is the gorgeous girl we kept from our Gracie/Jaden litter. She has a silky soft relaxed fleece coat that she gets from her parents. Wellsie is a sweet gentle soul... they don't get much sweeter. She has the most amazing temperament, and comes from wonderful therapy lines. Wellsie lives with her guardian family in Alexandria, Virginia, where she has 3 two legged sisters who adore her. She absolutely loves children and is great with other dogs. Here is what her guardian mom has to say about her. " When we brought Wellsie home as a puppy, we were all immediately in love with her. Not only was she totally adorable but she was the most well behaved puppy I have ever been around. Raising Wellsie in our family has been super easy and made our lives so much more fun.  Wellsie has a very sweet and tender temperament.  She loves to play with my three young girls... Chase, tug of war, or fetch all are her favorite ways to play.   When the girls are busy with other activities, Wellsie is always close by my side.  She is curious and very attentive. She also welcomes me home every single time I walk through the door (even to just water the plants), and makes sure I have her sweet company wherever I go. I am amazed at how easy it has been to train her. Wellsie received her Star Puppy certification in her 1 st year and was really the star of the whole puppy class. Wellsie also has an amazing knack to know when one of the girls is upset and immediately goes to them with licks and lots of snuggling.  She is such a very kind, and loving dog."  We just know she will pass all of her amazing traits on to her puppies!

Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree
Pedigree of: Waltzing Matilda's Waggin Wellesandra
Sex F Reg No. TBD
Date of Birth 10/1/2013 Breed Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Owner Michelle Walker-Thomas Breeder Michelle Walker-Thomas
Colour & Markings Apricot Call Name Wellsie
Sun Valley's Master Jaden ALAA-021369 Hudson The Super Tegans The Porter Tegan Park The Bellman
Tegan Park Illusive Shine 020750
Tegans Fairytail Tegan Park Aladdin 007051
Tegan Park Red Embers 001545
Tegan Park Irish Jade ALAA-009934 Tegan Park Copper Expose' 004680 Rutlands Copper Art
Tegan Park Rippell 001551
Tegan Park Irish Sunset Tegan Park Legacy
Tegan Park Irish Essence 000317
Waltzing Matilda's Heavenly Grace ALAA-017553 GorgeousDoodles Edleson Tennison ALAA-015177 Primetime Red Sky at Night ALAA-007374 Canadoodle Primetimes Cimarron ALAA-000267
Rutlands Lil Blossom
Gorgeous Spicy Pumpkin Pie Tegan Park Yum Yum ALAA-000776
Standard Full Moon's Mollie Dollie ALAA-005435P
Primetime GorgeousDoodles Goldie ALAA-008167 Tegan Park Neptune Tegan Park Firestone ALAA-000154
Tegan Park Ariel
Avonlee's Brittany Tegan Park Surprise Pac
Rialtos Free as a Breeze
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