Introducing Waltzing Matilda's Dori's Darcy....

Darcy's family lives in Essex Fells, NJ. Their neighbor is John Paul "Bud" Endress. Bud is a well known freelance photographer, who happens to do work for Essex Fells Magazine. Bud just loves Darcy and Ciara. He has taken many pictures of them both, and was generous enough to share copies of this Christmas shoot so we could put them on our website. We are so very proud that Darcy made the cover.

Darcy is from our Dori/Mousse litter. She was born 6/9/12. She would have been 6 months old in these photos.  Isn't she scrumptious!!

Forever Families for our Guardian Program are needed for upcoming litters. Please see our Guardian Program page or contact us for more information.

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A three-pronged approach to keeping dogs out of shelters by Patricia B. McConnell. PHD.

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Of course we prefer our families to come to our home, so they can see where we raised their puppy. It's also fun to meet the parents. However, if you are unable to come to us, we will be happy to make arrangements to deliver your puppy to you. We prefer not to ship our puppies unless absolutely necessary. If you are within reasonable driving distance we can drive your puppy to you, or we can even meet you half way. If we fly with your puppy, it will travel in the cabin as carry on. This way the puppy is never alone, and can spend the journey curled up out my feet. It also gives us the opportunity to meet all the families in person, and go over the health records and other information in your puppy packet.

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