1 Week Old Puppies

3 Week Old Puppies

4 Week Old Puppies

2 Week Old Puppies

Week Old Puppies

Week Old Puppies

Week Old Puppies

Newborn Puppies

Wellsie's puppies have gone to their new homes with their wonderful new families...

1.  Chessa Clemens - Harrisonburg, VA

2.  Gracie Naron - Oswego, NY

3. Hudson Yoder - Ashburn, VA

4.  Noble Flamholz - Owings Mills, MD

5.  Odie Sasai - Odenton, MD

6. Range Ramakrishnan - Chatam, NJ

7.  Winnie Comegys - Magnolia, DE

8. Beesly Kremer - Dundalk, MD

9. Waltzing Matilda's Amber Gris Caye - Amber Chu - Poolesville, MD

10. Waltzing Matilda's Phenom Philip - The Netherlands

11. Waltzing Matilda's Princess Alani - Tualtin, OR

Wellsie/Ernie ~ 3/5/18



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Week Old Puppies

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