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Waltzing Matilda's Sweet Baby Hazel

Hazel is the gorgeous girl we kept from our Claire/Mousse litter. She is the perfect small standard size, with the coat and temperament to match. Hazel lives with her guardian family in Gaithersburg, MD. Here's what her guardian family has to say about her...  

"Hazel is a wonderful addition to our family.  She is so smart and full of energy.  She loves to be challenged.  She is amazingly mild-mannered and so sociable.  Meeting new friends is one of her favorite things to do.  Kelly and I love taking her for walks, but she is so full of energy she often wears us out!  ​Hazel loves learning new things.  We had a lot of fun earning her Canine Good Citizen certification.  She has also earned awards in other puppy training courses and has since learned many more things.  It was a challenge teaching her sit up.  Her mind got the concept, but her balance just wasn't there.  She never gave up and now she sits up so pretty.  We are very, very proud of her. Hazel is going to be a very special mom to her puppies.  She loves so openly and willingly and we can't wait to see her beautiful new babies." 

Hazel is very intelligent, and well trained... she is just about perfect.  And of course she is drop dead gorgeous on top of everything else she has going for her!! We look forward to her amazing puppies!

Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree
Pedigree of: Waltzing Matilda's Sweet Baby Hazel
Sex F Reg No. TBD
Date of Birth 4/11/2015 Breed Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Owner Michelle Walker-Thomas Breeder Michelle Walker-Thomas
Colour & Markings Chocolate Call Name Hazel
Alador's Choco-Holics Dream ALAA-020965 Smokerise Choco US Peterman Canadoodle Sable's Kodiak
Washington's Rosie
Smokerise L's Annie Tegan Park Surprise Pac
Tegan Park Rapp CD
Sun Valley's Cherry ALAA-016788 Hudson Rex Tegan Park BeYootie Nuke
Hudson Hapshetsut
Prarie's Ebony Delight US Washington
Downunders Lucy
Waltzing Matilda's Chocolatey Claire ALAA-031773 Van de Annahoeve’s Paying Dutch ALAA-023891 Sunset Hills Im Huggable Tamaruke Bernstein Bear
Raresilvers Chocolate Kiss
Tegan Park Oh So Scotty ALAA-014589 Tegan Park Oh So Sporty ALAA-012221
Tegan Park Scottish Delight
GorgeousDoodles Hazelnut Mochaccino ALAA-018417 GorgeousDoodles Balu ALAA-011697 Puppy Loves Reno of aAprina
GorgeousDoodles Penelope
GorgeousDoodles Sarahlee Anna ALAA-012244 Rutlands Lil Brett
Standard Full Moon's Mollie Dollie ALAA-005435P
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