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Waltzing Matilda's Fiery Keegan

​Keegan is the gorgeous boy we held back from our Annie/Cajun litter. We are super excited about this gorgeous little guy. Keegan is a large mini stud muffin at 17" and 25 lbs.. He is a nice stocky, blocky, solid boy, with a silky soft, red fleece coat.  He is a super sweet, gentle, boy. Keegan loves people, children, cats and other dogs. He is a super sweet boy, and a real love bug. He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and get his belly rubbed. He is very well trained and very well behaved. Keegan lives in Baltimore with his wonderful guardian family. This is what they have to say about Keegan.

" Keegan LOVES all other dogs, people, children and is incredibly cute.  People stop us all the time to pet him, and tell us what how cute he is.  As a dog Keegan is great, he loves being lazy around the house but gets up and loves to play when we take him for his long walks or to my Sister's house to play with her 3 dogs.  He loves being outside, even if we are just sitting on the stoop out front.  He is a very smart dog, and was very easy to train.  He is wonderful with our children. He loves everyone he meets"

Keegan has also passed all of his health testing with flying colors. We are looking forward to lots of gorgeous puppies from him. How could they not be??!!

Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree
Pedigree of: Waltzing Matilda's Fiery Keegan
Sex M Reg No. ALAA-064704
Date of Birth 7/21/2017 Breed Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Owner Breeder
Colour & Markings Red/White Call Name
Cream Puff's Cajun Rockett ALAA-054103
Cream Puff's Parti Rockett ALAA-039961
Fluffy's Pyrotechnics ALAA-039001
Delicious Shazam 038999
Delicious Scarlett
Cream Puff's Logan Delano ALAA-038987
Cream Puff's Dark Knight ALAA-027851
Amanita Muscaria ALAA-030929
Cream Puff's Miss Cajun Red Bone ALAA-039308
Cream Puff's Gaustof's Gatsby ALAA-030718
Gaushof's Rudy 030915
Gaushof's Sugar and Spice Klara 030922
Cream Puff's Temperance Red Bones ALAA-029140
Dehler's Jack of Hearts
Cream Puff's Providence ALAA-024574
Evergreen's Anne Amie ALAA-024171
Mountain View's Legendary Zac ALAA-020926
Sunset Hills Red Chipotle ALAA-017862
Palmares Minarets Oregon Red ALAA-017681
Sunset Hills Autumn Rose ALAA-008003
Mountain View's Legendary Rose ALAA-020947
aAprina Elusive Legend ALAA-007708
Mountain View's Faith ALAA-020947
Spring Creek's Be Merciful to Me
Hale's Best Super Nova ALAA-012908
Birdwalk's Jammies ALAA-008243
Four Paws Mamie Smith ALAA-008981
Sutter Buttes Echoes of Mercy Mini ALAA-004276
California Ozzie ALAA-001102
Spring Creek's Tazo-Chai ALAA-001933
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