​Waltzing Matilda's Labradoodles

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Murphy- Goldie/Seeker 

I want to thank you again for our darling, Murphy man and give you a little update. Murphy is by far the cutest puppy ever, of course we are biased!  We refer to him as "our big stuffed animal". Just as you said, Murphy is the sweetest, most gentle, laid back little guy, but also very playful and fun. He does know when to chill, though, and finds his spot under the sunroom loveseat, ottoman, chair, or in front of the nearest A/C vent.  Everyone who sees Murphy thinks he’s the greatest puppy and some even pull out their phones to take his picture.  Micah is in heaven and thanks me all the time for getting a puppy!  Murphy has actually been a blessing to all of us…he’s got the best personality and temperament! Murphy started puppy class (AKC Star) last week. He missed the first class but I went without him.  Since he’s so darn smart, it took him no time to catch up to his little classmates.  Murphy has only had a few accidents in the house, the 2nd or 3rd day with us, and then this past Saturday with the babysitter when we attended another wedding.  That one doesn’t count as the sitter was a little overwhelmed with a new puppy and diabetic kid.  LOL!  Not to mention 2 yappy miniature schnauzers behind us, who are a nightmare and very distracting for Murphy!  I grew up with schnauzers who were good dogs but these two drive you crazy.  Anyway, Murphy has actually been a champ with the house training so far and even uses his Poochie Bells often. Well, Michelle, we can see why Jamie was so taken by Murphy!!  He’s such a sweetie pie and snuggle-puss!  You may not have been raising labradoodles for long, but you certainly know what you are doing!  Murphy is simply a joy and we can’t thank you enough!  Thanks again and God bless, Sue andfamily - GA

Emma - Goldie/Seeker 

Emma fits in really well with our little family of 3 dogs and 2 people. She loves to play with the other girls and she sometimes jumps in Whoopi's basket to sleep with Whoopi in the same basket. That is an endearing sight ! Emma loves her food and eats very well. As soon as I get the food out of the fridge, she is already jumping up and down. I feed her raw meat with added vegetables (no corn!!!) and rice. That is all included in the meat I give her. It is the best we can get in the Netherlands. Emma's stools are firm and good and Emma is almost completely housetrained. She doesn't pee or pooh in the house and tries to wait until I take her outside. She is a wonderful dog!
Update.. We just got back from another week of  holidays. We took Meggie and Emma to the beaches and cliffs of Normandy and Picardie, both in the north of France. Emma loves chasing birds and so she had a wonderful time running after the seagulls. Little Emma is not so little anymore. She is changing teeth. She still has all her baby canine teeth and molars, but her little teeth up front of the lower jaw, are all "mature" now. She is just the most adorable pup you ever saw. We love her to pieces.
​ Ed & Charlotte Van de Vorst - Baarlo, The Netherlands

Chief - Eva/Cosmo 

Hi Michelle & Jamie,

Chief was great on the ride home. We stopped a few times and he went potty right away. We were really amazed. He only cried for about the first 15 minutes after we left. We just love him! Camryn was so excited to meet him. Chief really is amazing! We are so in love with him. He's the perfect blend of cuddly and playful. He is really doing well. He has only had a few accidents in the house.  I attached a picture of him and our daughter Camryn. The Deatons - Mooresville, NC

Lady - Dori/Digger

Hi my name is Eveline with an amazing story. It all begins with my love for dogs. My children kept asking for a dog, but it was always impossible because of my allergies to animals. Then my oldest daughter began to look on the Internet and she discovered the Australian Labradoodle. I thought could it be true??? Even for me??! I wasn't sure, so I began to search everything there was about Labradoodles from Australia to America and back to Holland. I wanted to test how my allergies would be around an Australian Labradoodle first before I looked for available puppies. We had already seen a few in America at Waltzing Matilda's Labradoodles and I had fallen in love with a puppy named Italia who was a medium girl and really dark black. So, we went to visit Joyce at House of Labradoodles in Spubeek to test my allergies around this breed. I couldn't believe what was happening. I could stay for over two hours in a room with two dogs and several puppies without getting ill.

We went straight and emailed Michelle right away to see if Italia was still available, since we knew our only option would be to go on a waiting list for a puppy from Holland. We were thrilled to learn that she still had the puppy available. I asked her how do we get the dog in Holland, and she just said it's very simple. I will bring her to you as carry on in the cabin of the plane, so we don't have to ship her all that way. That was amazing. We made arrangements to meet in Venlo at her friend Carolien VanBeek of Van de Annahoeve Australian Labrdoodles. It was wonderful since it was much closer for us to go to Venlo than to drive to Amsterdam. When our Lady (Italia) arrived we were all very emotional... she was really such a beautiful dog. We enjoyed coffee and pie together, signed the papers and went home with our new family member. She was already nearly potty trained as well as crate trained, which was so very super. Even the first night, we didn't have to get up with her.  And now she is four weeks with us, and I have had no problems at all with my allergies.

We couldn't even imagine our lives without her. So at last but not least we want to thank Michelle for giving us such an amazing dog.   

Eveline Paulus - Landgraaf, The Netherlands
Testimonials Continued...  

Skitz- Goldie/Seeker 

Skitz is doing great. He's growing fast. What a great dog! He's just a really nice, kind, dog with a great energy. Everyone that sees him is impressed. He's just about housebroken. He hasn't had any accidents this week and rings the bell to go outside about 50% of the time. He knows a few basic commands. We're just waiting to get his last shots to sign up for puppy training.  I can tell you spent a great deal of time caring for these dogs. He lets you touch him everywhere, is gentle with kids, isn't afraid of anything, and doesn't bark at other dogs, etc. He's naturally curious too. Again, a great dog.  Thank you very much.
​The Rice Family - Woodsboro, MD   

Cooper - Goldie/Seeker 

Thanks Michelle for helping bring Cooper into our life.  He hasbeen an amazing addition to our family.  We don’t go anywhere without bringing him along.  He is incredibly athletic, loves to swim, and could play fetch all day long.  But he is also a sweet puppy who has charmed  our neighbors enough that they all want to keep him when we are gone.  And I can’t say enough about his stunning wavy coat.   Everyone just has to touch him to see if it is real. The Lard/Huseman family - Washington, DC

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