Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree
Pedigree of: Waltzing Matilda's Peave's Priti Paisley
Sex F Reg No. ALAA-039744
Date of Birth 10/19/2014 Breed Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Owner Breeder Michelle Walker-Thomas
Colour & Markings Red Call Name Paisley
SD's Rebel With A Cauz ALAA-038080 SD's Rebel Danny Boy Ollie by Gollie Monageri's Frosty Little Snoman AKC # QP00126701
Kristee Sissy Colepepper AKC-SM98618202
Middleleton's Belle of Conerstone Middle Little Dancy ALAA-007580
Middleton's Casper ALAA # 007581
Tinc Abelle Little Chocolate Bear II AKC PR02347102 AG's Doodlin' Around
Nutmeg N Spice II
Red Rachel Max Allen Moll AKC # SM96704007
Krystal's Fancy Free ALAA-007577
SD's Sheila Kona Special Blend Suncrest Todd Of Windyhill AKC# PP61766504, Hilmacs Kokopelli
Wildside Samantha Jo
Wild Rose Bell Jangles Paula's Bo Jangles AKC-PP51944108
Mullen's Katy-Did Special AKC-SN73243009
SD's Lucy Danmar's Boomerang ALAA-010582 Tegan Park Casper ALAA-005410
Danmar's La Bella Contessa
SD's Bonnie Sue Durhams Lieutenant Data AKC-SN845647/01
Genesis Miss Sadie AKC# PP649455/09
Evergreen's Evangeline ALAA-015373 Tango Wool Santo Bocelli ALAA-011021 Tegan Park Yum Yum ALAA-000776 Tegan Park Shannon Tegan Park Loch
Tegan Park Champagne on Ice
Tegan Park Chocolate Chip Cookie Tegan Park Poncho
Tegan Park Chichitta
Walkabout Calypso Codi C-K E.L. Fudge Greystoke Amigo Para Siempre
Mataje's Feliz Navidad
Lynnann-CC Victoria's Secret Koala's Lagopher Gamble Lot
Tracvella's Miss Michaela
Rutlands Adoni ALAA-000416 Harvey ALAA-000249P Majestic Royal Benson Majestic Look at Macho's Red
Majestic Precious Jade
Neiger Amber Sun Neiger Golden Dream
Neiger Born Free
Rutlands Clementine ALAA-000275 Rutlands Copper Art Gold Phantom
Rutlands Dressed in Red
Rutlands Flower Child Tallas Ole Faithful
Rutlands Chelsea
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​Waltzing Matilda's Labradoodles

Waltzing Matilda's Peave's Priti Paisley

Paisley is the stunning girl we kept from our Eva/Rebel litter. She is the perfect mini size, with the coat and temperament to match. She lives with us in our home where Eva (now retired) rules the roost. Eva is the queen and Paisley is the Princess. It's heartwarming to see the two of them together. They love to play and snuggle together. Eva still takes great care of her. I must say Paisley is very spoiled... and madly in love with me. She loves, loves, loves to give hugs and kisses. She is very cuddly and loves to snuggle on the sofa. I love waking up in the morning with her curled up next to me. She is extremely smart and loyal. She has the best hip scores of any of or dogs... any other dogs I know for that matter. Her coat is super soft, relaxed red fleece. She is the entire package!! I can't say enough about this sweet, gentle, loving girl of ours. And she is drop dead gorgeous on top of everything else she has going for her!! We look forward to her amazing puppies!

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We love to talk about our doodles : 410-796-1231